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IntriEnergy Fall 2022 Technology Update

We are pleased to share IntriEnergy’s progress in this current newsletter. To provide some context for this newsletter, you will recall IntriEnergy has developed a solar cell Technology Platform consisting of 3 innovations. Combined, these solar cell innovations have the potential to convert 60% more of the sun’s energy into electricity.


Diamond like carbon anti-reflective coating that traps 100% of the sun’s photons, creating 10% increase in energy yield


Silicon and carbon coating that captures 40% more of the sun’s light spectrum.

IntrinSiC™ +Q

Nanodot tunnel junction optimizing current between the silicon wafer and carbon, providing 10% more energy

This Newsletter will provide a further update on our D·ARK and IntrinSiC technologies.

D·ARK Project

At the time of our last Newsletter, we had completed the pre-commercial prototype milestone and were commencing the activities to move from lab to commercialization. We have since identified a leading university in the science of solar energy with a commercial solar cell manufacturing pilot line. As a result of ongoing collaboration and discussions, we have jointly developed a Statement of Work outlining the objectives, milestones, and deliverables to successfully produce commercial size solar cells. We are currently finalizing the agreement to commence this phase of our commercialization process which is expected to start in the next 30 days.

IntrinSiC Project

In our last newsletter we announced an agreement had been signed with the National Research Institute of Italy (CNR) to commence work on our IntrinSiC pre-commercial prototype cell. This 10-month project consists of 5 phases each demonstrating significant performance characteristics of the IntrinSiC solar cell. A critical activity in the project was to validate the Silicon+Carbide deposition layer had a wide photon interception which could be tuned to the sun's wavelenght's.

The graph on the right validates that our work on Silicon Carbon layer has a wide photon capturing capability which could be tuned to maximize the amount of light absorbed and convert that light to electricity. This is a significant milestone for our IntrinSiC technology in moving to the final pre-commercial prototype cell.

CNR and IntriEnergy are now proceeding to Phase 4 work based on the success of the previous phases. As these projects continue to progress to completion, we will share the results with our industry partners and potential customers.

We look forward to keeping you informed of our continued progress over the coming months.


Jackie Coffey, CEO


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