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Silicon Carbon

Photovoltaic Cell

Patents: IntriEnergy PV Cell, IntrinSiC and IntrinSiC Quantum technologies, USPTO Patent No: US 9,741,882 and CIPO 2,997,020. PCT Filing PCT/US2015/042419 Europe, India and Hong Kong.  D-ARK: PCT USPTO 17,151,762

3 Significant Advances Combined Provide 60% More Power

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IntriEnergy, a Clean Tech Company, has developed and patented a solar cell Technology Platform that can accelerate achieving  global net zero targets by 60% compared to today’s best-in-class solar cells. Our technology can be applied to any solar cell during the manufacturing process, creating a high-efficiency, low-cost solar cell.
Over 15 years of research and development have been invested into our technologies, by an accomplished, industry-recognized team of scientists and engineers who have overcome current industry issues that threaten solar’s long-term value proposition.
Manufacturers who license IntriEnergy’s technology may realize a 60% increase in production. Homeowners and businesses utilizing the IntriEnergy Technology Platform in solar projects will produce possibly the lowest-cost source of energy generation in the world while significantly reducing CO
2 emission reductions.
IntriEnergy’s vision is to accelerate global climate change goals, enabling a more sustainable energy future. IntriEnergy was originally formed on January 24, 2014, as a limited liability company (LLC) in Colorado and in May 2014 converted to a Corporation.  In the fall of 2018, the Company made a decision to move the corporation to Florida effective January 2019.

Our Vision "Accelerate Global Net Zero Targets" by providing the most advanced, cost competitive Net-Zero technologies in the industry.


IntriEnergy is Changing the Solar Equation

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