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IntriEnergy Spring 2022 Update

Since our last update, IntriEnergy’s StartEngine campaign closed on April 19, 2022.The campaign was a great success, raising over $550,000.These funds are being utilized to continue our Technology Platform commercialization process and we have progress to report on both our D·ARK and IntrinSiC technologies.

D·ARK Project

In our last newsletter we shared that we had commenced work to refine our deposition films to near-zero reflectivity across an even wider range of the solar spectrum. Utilizing our proprietary nano-material modeling software, we were able to accelerate this work, reducing lab and equipment time. We have proven the ability to index the Dark anti reflective film demonstrating that by modulating the deposition and depth of material we can target desired reflectivity characteristics as illustrated below.

In-Depth Raman Characterization, D·ARK Anti-Reflective Coating

We have proven the ability to index the Dark anti reflective film demonstrating that by modulating the deposition and depth of material we can target desired reflectivity characteristics.

The colored lines in the graph are taken from Raman measurements that inform on the structure of the film at different depths.

Each of these lines was obtained across the depth of the film in correlation to desired photon interception.

These results accelerate our engineering, providing an industry solution on PV Cell devices.

The next step in the commercialization process is to integrate D·ARK into the manufacturing process. This involves preparation of a full stack solar cell with D·ARK applied as the final step and requires commercial manufacturing equipment to replicate the commercial manufacturing process IntriEnergy will be working on a US commercial solar PV pilot line that can produce 6" N-Type PV wafers, full stack PV deposition using D·ARK as its antireflective coating. This will provide real-world manufacturing solutions to the PV industry.

IntrinSiC Project

We are pleased to announce work is underway on our IntrinSiC solar cell that captures 40% more of the sun’s light spectrum. A service agreement has been signed with the National Research Institute of Italy (CNR) to develop our commence work on our IntrinSiC pre-commercial prototype cell. CNR is renowned for its advances in silicon and carbon and this project will build on previous collaborations between CNR and Dr. Gaspari. The project is expected to take approximately 10 months. Upon completion of this project, IntriEnergy will expand its work with the US commercial PV pilot line to scale the IntrinSiC for commercial production.

Patent Portfolio Expansion

IntriEnergy has achieved another patent milestone. Our Tandem Junction Photovoltaic Cell patent was granted in India. India patent number 390862 was officially granted on Feb. 28, 2022, with patent protection dated back to IntriEnergy’s original filing date of July 28, 2015. The India patent expands our global IP protection combined with our current patents in the United States and Canada and pending final approval in Europe and Hong Kong. Securing intellectual property protection is core to IntriEnergy’s forward-looking IP strategy. This enables the company to secure licensing, partnerships and joint venture opportunities with existing solar manufacturing companies seeking a competitive advantage in the $180 billion annual solar industry.

India is a significant market for IntriEnergy’s Technology Platform. Prime Minister Modi, at the recent COP26 Climate Conference committed to India meeting 50 per cent of its energy requirements (500 GW) from renewable sources by 2030. The solar segment has the lion’s share at 280GW. With IntriEnergy’s 60% more energy technology, we can make a significant contribution to India achieving its goal of 280 GW of solar energy by 2030.

We will continue to keep you informed of our progress over the coming months.


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