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Why IntriEnergy’s Technology Platform Can Help Solve The Global Energy Paradox

Worldwide, there are over 10 million electric vehicles on the road today. That number will continue to increase as we move away from petroleum-based personal and commercial transportation. According to the International Energy Agency, consumers spent $120 billion on electric car purchases in 2020, a 50% increase from 2019. This exponential growth goes beyond transportation as consumers change their energy mindset, seeking to reduce their environmental footprint.

This rapidly expanding consumer demand has led to what is known as an “energy paradox.”

IntriEnergy VP of Product Development, Pere Soria states. “To produce the extra power we need, there are two options: increase the number of power stations that use coal or natural gas. This will lead to increases in C02 discharge which creates greenhouse gas emissions, ultimately increasing global warming. The preferred solution is through renewable energy. Solar power has proven itself to be the lowest cost of new energy generation, positioning itself to be the way we solve the energy paradox. Solar is projected to be the majority of all new energy generation globally. The real world economics of solar is that is can be deployed where the electricity is needed, on rooftops, carports and large facilities to rapidly meet the growing electrical demand without the expensive infrastructure and time that it would take to expand the existing grid. As the demand for energy increases, solar will increasingly become the provider of choice.”

IntriEnergy, with its patented solar technology platform can increase the overall power generation of solar panels by up to 60%. This means more energy from the same amount of space and less reliance on fossil fuels.

“Imagine being able to fully charge an electric vehicle using solar panels that only take up the space of a standard carport. Or a solar car park that could provide the equivalent of 1 million miles of net zero driving in the space it would take to park 44 vehicles. Or even a 500-acre solar field that could provide enough energy for 27,000 more homes than it can using today’s standard solar technology.” Soria said. “The world is in an energy transition focused on reversing the negative impacts of climate change and IntriEnergy can accelerate that transition.”

“We need to address these very important issues that we are facing, right now.”

IntriEnergy’s Technology Platform produces 60% more energy than today’s solar, utilizes 40% less space, reducing costs, resulting in the lowest cost of electricity. IntriEnergy is Changing the Solar Equation. To learn more about our Technology Platform, click here.

Now is the time to invest in companies, like IntriEnergy, that are helping to meet this massive demand while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels that contribute to unsustainable levels of carbon emissions.

Through StartEngine, an equity crowdfunding platform, individuals can become early investors in IntriEnergy, for as little as a $200. Individuals may also qualify for incentives based on their level of investment.

With its network of 500,000+ investors, StartEngine has raised over $400 million in capital for over 500 investment offerings. StartEngine enables individuals to become angel investors by giving them access to startup investment opportunities. By partnering with StartEngine, IntriEnergy is able to allow individual investors to take part in the exponential growth that the solar energy industry is currently offering.

For more information or to begin your investment in IntriEnergy and its solar energy technology, go to:


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