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What are the Advantages of IntriEnergy’s Solar Technology Platform?

The solar energy industry, estimated to be nearly $150 billion globally, continues to make major advancements in technology as we search for cleaner more efficient energy production.

It is the vision of IntriEnergy, Inc., a solar technology company based in sunny Florida, to enable the solar industry to accelerate Net-Zero Initiative’s goal for carbon reduction well ahead of projected schedules, enabling carbon-free energy to reverse the negative impacts of climate change and create more sustainable energy for future generations.

IntriEnergy has developed and patented the IntriEnergy Technology Platform, unlocking 60% more of the sun’s power. The patented IntriEnergy Technology Platform comprises three uncomplicated, yet novel innovations, enabling the world’s first high-power, low-cost solar cell architecture.

The three components of the IntriEnergy Technology Platform include:

D·ARK Antireflective Coatings

Solar cells absorb light from the sun (photons) and transforms the photons into energy. The goal is to maximize the photons captured. Solar cells are encapsulated in glass, which inherently reflects sunlight. To minimize light reflection from solar cells, anti-reflection coatings are deposited on top of the solar cell during manufacturing. Its purpose is to prevent reflection of light so that maximum photons can be absorbed into the solar cell, converting those photons into energy.

Today’s industry anti-reflective coatings reduce reflectivity to approximately 10%. However, best in class anti-reflective coatings require depositing several layers of different types of material, which are more expensive and involve longer manufacturing times with minimal gains.

IntriEnergy has created a novel photovoltaic solar cell anti-reflective, based on a double-layer diamond like carbon. D·ARK can achieve near zero reflectivity in a wide range of wavelengths, resulting in a 10% greater energy yield from every solar cell.

IntrinSiC Photovoltaic Cells

The IntrinSiC™ tandem cell is based on a proprietary silicon carbide stack on silicon wafer. Silicon and carbon are materials that are abundant, stable, inexpensive and proven in the solar and semiconductor industries. SiC performance characteristics have proven to be much more stable than just silicon in high temperature environments. SiC has been utilized for many years in the semiconductor industry including micro-electronics and high-power applications such as electronic switching and power conversion applications.

These applications create extreme power, current and heat conditions and SiC has proven to be an incredibly stable material. Solar cells, on the other hand, do not create the same amount of heat as electronics and power conversion applications, making it an ideal material for solar cells.

Silicon and silicon carbide are used as the basic materials for the two layers. SiC semiconductors can be prepared in different amorphous and crystalline structures, giving better flexibility to the choice of parameters. Dr. Franco Gaspari has collaborated extensively with CNR (Bologna, Italy) on the preparation of SiC by radio frequency (RF) and very high frequency (VHF) techniques and developed a proprietary methodology for tuning and predetermining Si-C properties.

The advanced work on the solar cell is enhanced by a proprietary modeling software program that is revolutionary in the “lab to fab” process. The modeling has been developed as the result of collaboration between members of the project team over 15 years and provides real-world applied material behavior. Utilizing the proprietary algorithms, the team is able to identify material characteristics at the atomic level to determine the functionalized results with 99% accuracy. Ultimately this accelerates research and development life cycles by reducing experimental lab time significantly.

As a result, IntriEnergy will deploy new technologies on shorter timelines quicker and more efficiently to the market. In the case of the IntrinSiC cell, the company has determined it will reduce its time to market by up to two years.

IntrinSiC Quantum Layer

IntriEnergy owns the patent rights to IP that overcomes the industry current matching issue through the integration of multiple proven proprietary technologies and innovations, without the need for separate junctions. By adding our proprietary current-matching tandem layer scheme as the top layer, we are able to capture a wider photon interception spectrum beyond current industry Si PV architectures. The result is a high-efficient, low-cost solar cell that solves the current matching “bottleneck” issue.

IntriEnergy provides an unprecedented competitive advantage in key performance areas. Comparing IntriEnergy to today's industry standard cells/panels, our IP platform increases the energy output of any solar cell by 60%, thus reducing the cost of energy generation by 37% and doubling the amount of CO2 emission reductions.

These are metrics that today’s solar manufacturers are unable to achieve, driving demand for IntriEnergy’s IP from global manufacturers. IntriEnergy’s Platform creates the world’s first high-power, low-cost PV solar cell solution.


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