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        More Energy

Changing the Solar Equation



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2021-09-26 11_41_28-IntrinSiC Solar Cell

IntriEnergy’s Technology IP Platform will accelerate global climate change goals, enabling a more sustainable energy future. Resulting in the lowest (LCOE). 

Unlocking the Sun's Energy



•  Patented silicon + carbon advantage

•  60% more energy compared to current industry cell
•  3 scientifically proven platform innovations
•  Industry standard PV cell design for rapid adoption

Energy Density is Key to CO2  Reduction


•  20% reduction in solar deployment costs

•  2X greater CO2 offset emission reductions

•  Maximizes land and rooftop energy productivity

•  Drives down the cost of energy to <2.0¢ kWh

Captures the Sun's Full Spectrum

Perceived Sunlight Spectrum: Nano Meters


•  Absorbs more energy in cloud cover conditions

•  Can generate more power with indirect sunlight

•  Overcomes current silicon efficiency barrier

•  Utilizes industry standard silicon wafer

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