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Solar Technology Company IntriEnergy™ Reaches $500K Milestone in Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Thanks to investors interested in renewable, clean energy for the future, IntriEnergy, Inc., has raised over $500,000 through the crowdfunding platform, StartEngine. The milestone comes as this industry-breakthrough technology company prepares to wrap up its crowdfunding campaign in the next few weeks.

This campaign has accelerated IntriEnergy's path to commercialization for its first technology to market and to continue its NetZero mission of bringing cost-competitive, high-efficiency energy generation technologies. The Naples-based solar cleantech firm has recently completed prototype testing for its first technology, “D·ARK” Anti-Reflective Coating which increases the energy output of any solar cell by 10%.

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"To have such momentum from the moment of launch, shows that not only do investors care about investing in an industry that will have enormous growth potential over the coming years, they also want to invest in companies that are trying to make a difference on a global scale,” IntriEnergy CEO Jackie Coffey said.

Solar energy is currently a $180 billion global industry and growing rapidly every year as the world relies more and more on renewable and sustainable energy sources. Investors can become a part of that rapid growth with as little as a $200 in initial investment through the StartEngine platform ( Investors will become equity shareholders in the company that is “Changing the Solar Equation.”


The next technology advancement will come from IntriEnergy’s patented IntrinSiC Photovoltaic Cell innovation which captures 40% more of the sun’s spectrum The third IntriEnergy innovation optimizes the flow of energy, creating a more efficient solar cell.

“By combining the three innovations, we achieve a 60% increase in energy output. That means adding extra power from the same surface of solar panels currently available on the market,” IntriEnergy VP of Product Development Pere Soria Alcazar said.

These cells have been designed and engineered to be integrated into existing solar manufacturing processes, making it ideal for both commercial and consumer solar applications. Companies that incorporate our cell technology will realize an increase in the energy output of their current modules from 400 watts to 640+ watts, without increasing panel size. 

The adoption of IntriEnergy’s photovoltaic cell will also enable the solar industry to accelerate Net-Zero Initiative’s goal for carbon reduction well ahead of projected schedules, enabling carbon-free energy to reverse the negative impacts of climate change and create more sustainable energy for future generations. Several industry leaders from around the globe have already expressed an interest in adopting this groundbreaking technology. 

With its network of 500,000+ investors, StartEngine has raised over $400 million in capital for over 500 investment offerings. StartEngine enables everyday people to become angel investors by giving them access to startup investment opportunities. By partnering with StartEngine, IntriEnergy is able to allow individual investors to take part in the exponential growth that the solar energy industry is currently offering.


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