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IntriEnergy Newsletter August 2023

IntriEnergy is excited to provide you an update on our technology commercialization progress

Anti Reflective Coating

IntriEnergy continues to work with Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) to validate the increased energy output of IntriEnergy’s D·ARK anti-reflective coating. In order to design a multiple layer diamond-like carbon (DLC) structure, we needed to ensure the quality of the single layers be at par with current state of the art DLC. IntriEnergy is excited to announce that the quality of our single film DCL has surpassed current industry levels, resulting in a record high efficiency. GIT has grown a comprehensive library of single layer depositions of diamond-like carbon films, examples of which are presented above. These depositions are consistent with those previously prepared by IntriEnergy in the lab, successfully replicating and demonstrating D·ARK characteristics can be applied on GIT’s commercial N-type PV manufacturing equipment. The D·ARK film deposition library can now be adopted and optimized for application, allowing us capture and successfully trap the full sun spectrum, resulting in enhanced current output that can increase the efficiency of any new solar cell.

Over the coming months IntriEnergy will continue the work with GIT to grow multiple-layer films and solar cells incorporating D·ARK on GIT’s N-Type PV Cell with TopCon.This applied production will involve continuous film growth, characterization, materials modelling and full-stack feedback loops to optimize D·ARK to achieve maximum results in a commercial environment. Additionally, a significant value-add showing early promise, is a reduction in film processing time over industry SiNx anti-reflective coatings, resulting in an increase of up to 25% in cell per hour productivity. IntriEnergy anticipates commercial engineering samples available to the industry in Q1-2024.

In the last newsletter we communicated our success in preparing SiC mature depositions with targeted photon wavelengths not absorbed by other solar cells and the resulting modeling work undertaken with Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain. The continuation of our work with UPC has led to accelerated results for our IntrinSiC cell. The next phase will involve optimized film and characterization of our PV cell utilizing our new deep performance modeling derived from our validated SiC PV device yields.

All of this is very exciting news, and we are on track to our desired targets for IntriEnergy’s PV. Ultimately, we will integrate D·ARK anti-reflective coating and the IntrinSiC film stack into one PV Cell which will be completed at Georgia Institute of Technology for final commercial optimization.

We will continue to keep you informed of our progress on these projects over the coming months.


Jackie Coffey, CEO


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