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15 Reasons to Invest in IntriEnergy and our Patented Solar Technology Platform

According to Bloomberg Business, the global solar industry is estimated at $150 billion annually.

IntriEnergy, Inc. a solar energy company led by industry veterans, is giving individual investors the opportunity to become a part of that through the crowd-funding platform, StartEngine.

The Naples-based solar technology firm is inviting investors interested in renewable, clean energy for the future, to participate as the Company brings the first of three technologies to market.. The fundraising campaign can be found at  

If you have ever wanted to become a part of an industry that is experiencing tremendous growth potential that will also benefit the environment, this is the opportunity for you.

Here are 15 reasons why you should invest in IntriEnergy and its clean energy technology platform:

  1. IntriEnergy has the capability to accelerate achieving global net zero targets through the introduction of its’ high-energy, low-cost solar cell.

  2. Current solar technology is reaching its technical performance ceiling requiring a novel approach, which IntriEnergy has taken.

  3. IntriEnergy’s Technology Platform unlocks the sun’s full potential. Our patented innovations capture the entire sun spectrum, not just the visible light.

  4. Homeowners utilizing IntriEnergy’s technology platform on their roofs will require fewer panels to achieve their energy requirements

  5. Large 500-acre solar projects utilizing IntriEnergy’s Technology Platform can power up to 9,000 more homes compared to today’s current solar panels.

  6. An IntriEnergy powered EV carport can provide 1 million miles a year of net zero driving.

  7. IntriEnergy’s technology platform integrates with the solar industry’s existing manufacturing assets, increasing their manufacturing productivity utilizing their existing equipment.

  8. Companies that incorporate IntriEnergy’s cell technology have the potential to increase in the energy output of their current 2m2 modules from 400 watts to 640+ watts, without increasing panel size.   

  9. IntriEnergy’s breakthrough in energy density means rooftops and utility-scale solar farms will require fewer panels and less area, significantly decreasing project costs and shortening the time to return on investment.    

  10. IntriEnergy’s patented technology's change the solar equation. Compared to today’s industry standard cells and panels, our technology platform has the potential to increase the energy yield of any solar cell by 60%, while significantly reducing the amount of CO2 emissions The increase energy ultimately reduces the cost of energy generation.

  11. The solar market is growing at 20% annually. Bloomberg New Energy Finance projects that by 2050 the solar industry will be a 4 Trillion-dollar market.

  12. IntriEnergy has assembled an accomplished, industry-recognized team of business leaders, engineers and scientists with a proven track record of developing, commercializing, and bringing technologies to market in the areas of semi-conductor and solar wafering manufacturing, materials modelling and photovoltaics.  Each member of the team has 30+ years’ experience in their respective areas.

  13. IntriEnergy’s licensing model results in low capital overhead cost and high margins for the company (estimated 85%). 

  14. In the last decade solar has become the leader in energy generation and is forecasted to be the primary source of new energy through 2050. In 2010, the US solar industry was responsible for 4% of new electricity generation. By 2020, this had risen to 44% of all new deployed electrical generation. 

  15. Governments and industry are now turning to solar as a means for reversing climate change with initiatives such as The Paris Agreement with a goal of limiting global temperature rise this century to well below 2.0 degrees Celsius.  Companies across the globe such as Amazon, Microsoft, BP and Shell have declared aggressive goals for achieving Net Zero by 2050 or sooner, driving the demand for solar.

For more information or to begin your investment in IntriEnergy and its solar energy technology, go to: .


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